ABOUT ME (from me)

If you’ve reached this page, you could be looking for my biography… that can be found here.

I suppose it’s never been very me to write about my life, career and experiences so far from a third person perspective. Especially at this stage when it’s obvious that it’s me here writing said text, tapping away at my keyboard at 1:57 in the morning.

I’ve always loved writing and reading. These are the two single things that stopped me going to sleep as a child… and by the looks of the clock on my laptop nothing much has changed.

I was very lucky to grow up in a house where I was always surrounded by music. My Dad is a Guitarist and Pianist and I guess it was pretty obvious from the beginning that my brother and I would play music too.

It worked so well for us because it was always a choice. Music wasn’t something that was thrust upon us by our parents as some form of duty to raise a well rounded and outgoing child. It brought fun and joy to the house and that’s all that mattered to us.

Following many years of Flute recitals and Orchestra concerts, it was fair to say that by my teens I had developed a love for performing that I couldn’t seem to shake. And, although I was very happy with where my music education had taken me, I wanted to be able to *say* something… which was pretty difficult when playing the flute.

So I picked up a guitar in 2007, began teaching myself to play it and to write songs and I guess I haven’t looked back since! The first song I learned was Dream Catch me by Newton Faulkner and, to this day, he remains one of my biggest inspirations in terms of songwriting, talent and hard graft.

Having never had any formal singing or guitar training, I kept songwriting to myself for several years and, despite my performance past, when I first began singing in front of people in 2012 I was petrified to the point where it was debilitating.

So, whilst studying at university, balancing a social life and attending orchestras twice per week, I set out on a mission to play as many shows as I possibly could; I knew that the social content of my songs was something that needed to be shared with others and singing to myself in my room just wouldn’t do…

Since 2012 I have played over 300 shows (you can find all of these listed at the end of my shows page) and am very pleased with how things are looking for the future. Since starting out, I have release two EP’s and a single and this summer (2018) I performed at several festivals that I have had on my bucket list, including Wickham festival and Carfest North and South.

This year I have decided to record my own EP from home. I have worked with producers on all previous releases and think it’s about time that I see what I can create myself. I have so many ideas buzzing around my head and I can wait to get them recorded and share them with you all.

Here’s to a fantastic 2019.