Claudia Stark Promotional Materials

Below are a few examples of promotional materials and products I have created and put together over the years for my music project “Claudia Stark”. I am currently working on a new EP and promotional photos, album covers and business cards to match. These are all still in the works. My full social media pages are all linked in the top right-hand tab of this website.


“Too Soon” Single Launch Show Banner Design:
To use for advertisement and Twitter/Facebook cover photos:

Promotional Photo Design
For advertisement and consistent profile pictures across all platforms

“Too Soon” Lyric Video
This was my first time working on a lyrics video.ย I felt it was important for me to create a video with lyrics for this song, given the meaning behind the track but next time I will definitely use some more advanced/specialised software. I felt very restricted using Final Cut Pro X for this type of video but had a strict time schedule which didn’t allow me to learn to use a new piece of software before the songs release.
I like how the video begins as a still image and transforms into moving footage as the song picks up.

Slim Re-design of my Short Fuse EP


Short Fuse EP Front Cover Design
(CD’s manufactured with Disc Wizards)

“Short Fuse” EP Spine Design
(CD’s manufactured with Disc Wizards)

Business Card Design
These are double sided business cards. I took the photo of myself on the card with a camera on a tripod and a timer and I adapted the social media logos in photoshop to the ones you can see below to match the Short Fuse EP cover.

“Short Fuse” EP Launch Show Poster