Claudia Stark PR Work

Below are a few examples of promotional materials and products I have created and put together over the years for my music project “Claudia Stark”. I spent the majority of 2018 writing new tracks and will be releasing two EP’s in 2019; a duo EP with fellow singer-songwriter Zach Johnson and also a solo EP. All of my social media pages can be found linked in the footer of this website.


“Stand Tall” PR Baskets:


In 2018 I worked on a song called “Stand Tall” which I have written about a book called “All The Bright Places”. Plans are currently underway for this book to be turned into a major motion picture so I put together several promotional baskets containing a personalised letter and a copy of the track to send to the author of the book and some of the producers who will be working on the film.

claudia stark - stand tall baskets


“Too Soon” Single Launch:

I shot and edited this promotional photo to use in the advertisement of my single “Too Soon” and to enable consistency across all my social platforms with regard to profile pictures. I will shortly be creating my next round of promotional material for the music I am working on this year.

“Too Soon” Lyric Video

This video is for my original song “Too Soon” which I released in 2017. I felt that it was important for me to create a video with lyrics for this song, given the meaning behind the track but next time I will definitely use some more advanced software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. I felt very restricted using Final Cut Pro X for this type of video and am glad to have had more practice with lyric video content creation since 2017.

My favourite part of this video is how it begins as a still image and transforms into moving footage as the song picks up.


Short Fuse EP launch:

Below is a live video of my original song “Home” from the EP launch show I organised at The Boileroom in Guildford in April 2016.

Slim re-design of my Short Fuse EP:

Short Fuse EP design:

Business Card Design:

These are double sided business cards. I took the photo of myself on the card with a camera on a tripod and a timer and I adapted the social media logos in photoshop to the ones you can see below to match the Short Fuse EP cover.

Short Fuse EP launch show poster:

I took the photo on this poster with a tripod, similar to the last image