Client Work


Joe Booley – “Movements” Live Session

Filming and Video Editing

Equipment and Software Used: Canon 500D, Canon 77D, Soft Box Lights, Final Cut Pro X

After seeing my work with indie band “Me and The Moon”, Joe asked me to film this one-take live session of his EP “Movements” which consists of 5 tracks merged into one piece. This was my first commissioned project where I both filmed and edited together all of the footage I had taken. I have done this many times with my own Youtube channel but this was a bigger project considering the video was 20 minutes long with 3 camera angles, live audio syncing and no gaps for breaks in editing. I really enjoyed the challenge of working on this project and I am very pleased with how it has turned out.

Me And The Moon – “It’s Alright” Single Launch

Cameras Used: Canon 500D, Canon 77D

Me and The Moon asked me to film both of their home-town single launch shows. They wanted live footage of themselves to use for various promotional videos. I really loved working with the vibrant, colourful lighting on the stage vs the low lighting in the audience and also thoroughly enjoyed getting to watch them perform two nights in a row.

I would have liked to edit the footage together but the band were keen to do this themselves so that they could use it across a range of projects. Below is a short clip they have edited together using some of the footage I shot from the two shows.


Martha Paton – “Sleeping In Suburbia” Music Video

Camera Used: DJI Phantom 4 Drone

Martha wanted a music video filmed with a drone so that she could have this birds-eye-view throughout the video. This was a great opportunity to gain more experience with slow motion filming and using the drone in a cinematic capacity. I made some changes to the settings on my drone following this shoot and am always learning new things about aerial filming.